The Feeling Called Forever…

Two individuals crazy in love, complimenting each other and carrying awe all the time. That’s Shweta & Hemaant with a smile for you, reflecting their state of mind. They were this peaceful couple who knew that they have each other for this lifetime. They had a personal connect ,so i scouted up and down to frame some nice memories.To me personally, I felt so gifted to have been a part of this wonderful wedding. I felt belonged. It was like everything else had converged towards this moment of realization. End of the day, I come back with not just pictures but a whole lot of memories.Take a look at they D-Day !!Ca (124)Ca (167)Ca (175)Ca (218)Ca (225)Ca (257)-1Ca (264)Ca (284)-14Ca (284)-17Ca (284)-24Ca (284)-41Ca (284)-42Ca (290)Ca (362)Ca (419)Ca (422)-22Ca (428)Ca (436)-9Ca (440)-2Ca (446)Ca (458)Ca (470)Ca (474)-2Ca (476)-1Ca (478)Ca (512)Ca (513)Ca (514)-4Ca (521)Ca (550)Ca (578)Ca (581)-3Ca (585)Ca (590)Ca (598)Ca (603)-2Ca (603)-5Ca (604)Ca (605)Ca (607)-1Ca (621)Ca (623)-4Ca (628)Ca (641)Ca (647)Ca (652)-1Ca (778)

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