“An oasis of love in Jaisalmer”

Held at Heritage House…in Jaisalmer…”The City of Gold”…Rising from the heart of the Thar Desert like a golden mirage. A commanding villa etched in yellow sandstone stands with all its awesome splendor, dominating the amber-hued city. A little bit of precise planning, a little bit of lovely light and a little bit of perfection in everything else…would still be incomplete if not for a radiant bride. Cheerful, full of energy, and oozing charm with every beat, Nish Neev Gaultier is in every sense the puzzle piece that makes a wedding come alive. A loving expressive groom in Brice Gaultier, his ever-smiling bride, and a beautiful wedding—it was a photographer’s dream come true. And boy, did i have a blast! Take a look at the pictures and feel wonderful & loved too… Couple shoot was fun…oozed with excitement as we took them around the Sam Sand Dunes. A lot of factors around were challenging, but with a couple as cooperative as them, everything fell in line (including the Camels)…

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