Lavasa | Pre-Wedding | Shoot

Lavasa is a planned private hill city near Pune.It offers amazing backdrops for a couple session.Couple shoots are usually planned. Couples do love to discuss everything with me from location to dresses/accessories. Stylized couple shoots require a certain look. I have to make sure that I help and advice them accordingly. As a stylized wedding photographer, one of the key challenges is to make sure that the shoot turns out to be different. Specially on a location which has been already been shot many times by others. Lavasa is one such common location for couple shoot.
Pre-wedding couple shoots are so much fun for all the space and freedom we get to shoot the couple, without any hassle. And with a lovely pair, it couldn’t be more exciting. We hardly had to tell them anything at all about posing, for we clearly saw their love in the frame as they exchanged their love for each other effortlessly. Enough said, we can’t wait for you to scroll and feel the love, in the pictures compiled below…001_5873001_5877001_5908001_5930001_5964001_6003001_6070001_6084001_6087001_6109001_6128001_6133001_6141-2001_6148001_6267001_6313001_6340001_6343001_6396001_6409001_6414001_6466001_6510001_6573001_6587001_6608001_6610001_6637001_6668001_6674001_6688001_6699001_6729-2001_6753001_6818001_6822001_6829001_6832001_6840001_6844001_6858001_6871001_6881001_6892-1001_6901001_6907001_6926001_6933001_6972001_6980001_6998001_7001001_7015-2

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